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Morgana McNelis debuts BC Armor Collection.


Maison de Morgana’s Morgana McNelis debuts BC Armor Collection.

A woman’s style is her personal statement. A woman’s jewelry is an exclamation point, if you will, to that outward statement. Telling the world in an instant who she is and where she is headed.

This week, Morgana McNelis of the LA-based Maison de Morgana is releasing her new collection, BC Armor, allowing women across the country to express their patriotic statement of support and gratitude for our nation’s brave defenders.

Morgana has hand crafted a line of necklaces and bracelets, available in brass, sterling silver and white bronze, showcasing one of our most patriotic symbols, the STAR. The collection is an edge in design execution along with a symbol of appreciation that becomes an almost instant conversation starter.

To show love and support for those who serve, proceeds from the BC Armor Collection will be put toward the mission of the Boot Campaign—to cultivate awareness, promote patriotism and provide assistance to military personnel, past and present, and their families.

Morgana combined her longstanding appreciation for jewelry, Georgia roots, fashion industry experience, and training in jewelry design and craftsmanship, to realize her dream of opening her own jewelry line. In 2012, Maison de Morgana opened its doors. The reaction was overwhelming!

Maison de Morgana quickly caught the attention of Hollywood and has been featured on FX’s Sons of Anarchy, and in publications such as British GQ Magazine, Accessories Magazine, Red Book, and US Weekly. Today, Morgana’s designs can be found in boutiques and major department stores in Los Angeles, Japan and now the Boot Campaign Online Store!

Focusing on what’s known as “Bridge Jewelry”, Morgana has been able to create beyond her own expectations with mixtures of precious stones and sterling silver, white bronze and brass. Her pieces could be described as embodying a mystery of fine elegance mixed with an explosive personality.

It is an absolute THRILL to have Morgana design the new BC Armor Collection. We hope that you will make your personal statement of gratitude and let your own star shine brightly with BC Armor.

The NEW #BCArmor collection will be available at BootCampaign.com THIS week! More info coming Wednesday!