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Low T Center Supports Boot Campaign and Service Members Across the Country


Life can be a challenge for some 13 million American men over the age 40, who suffer from low testosterone levels (low T). Low T Center, one of the newest corporate sponsors in the Boot Campaign family, is working hard to help active duty military and veterans understand the symptoms and treatment for low testosterone levels and is taking an active role in supporting the Boot Campaign mission.

As the title sponsor for Boot Campaign’s November 2nd Boot Ride & Rally, Low T Center has gone above and beyond simple corporate sponsorship. To help boost marketing efforts and increase participation in the event, Low T Center conducted live radio remotes in five major Texas markets just prior to ticket sales. Additionally, the group supported Boot Brawl, Boot Campaign’s October 9th pushup competition, in each of their 52 Low T Centers and four HerKare facilities.

Low T Center hopes their involvement will encourage Low T Center employees, patients and the public to show their support as well. “The courage and sacrifice of our military inspires us to never compromise our mission in life. We are honored with the opportunity to support the Boot Campaign. Their patriotism is inspirational,” explains Mike Sisk, founder of Low T Center.

Low T Center maintains active duty members and veterans, as well as all men, should have their testosterone levels checked regularly and be familiar with their optimal numbers. Among the many issues veterans face, low T is relatively simple to diagnose and treat. At Low T Center, they make it easy. You walk in, take a simple blood test and with the convenience of an on-site lab, you’ll know results within 45 minutes.

Victor Marx, former Marine, martial artist and Low T Center success story, shares, “There was a time when I hit the wall. For the first time in my life, I was lacking energy, focus and enthusiasm. Not anymore. Slowing down is not an option; I will not settle for less than my full potential. My mission will not be compromised.” Marx understands the pressures associated with military service and acknowledges that even once their tour is over, “Many veterans continue to battle even after they’ve returned home.”

Founded in 2009, Low T Center has quickly evolved into a pioneering and innovative medical practice model; the physicians at Low T Centers exclusively diagnose and treat men with low testosterone. Nationally there are 52 Low T Centers operating in 12 states. Cities include: Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Tyler, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Kansas City, Denver, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus, Nashville, Knoxville, and Little Rock.

Boot Campaign is incredibly grateful for Low T Center’s generous support and shared commitment to America’s military warriors. We are ever closer to our mission with the help of dedicated corporate partners, and through these collaborative efforts, we can do even more to give back when they come back. To show your gratitude for military men and women, visit bootcampaign.com.