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Living to Teach


John is an Air Force veteran with a passion for teaching. Unfortunately, a heart attack sidelined his career for more than six months due to inpatient hospital care and cardiac rehabilitation. When he was finally cleared to go back to work, he began teaching at the Veterans Network Administration. Though his contract ended in October, he expected to resume teaching again when the next class was offered. That didn’t happen, and three months of waiting for a contract forced John to use the money he had saved when he was working. With a true hero’s spirit, he recently took a new position with a new company and is ready to get back to work. With a grant from Boot Campaign’s Military Recovery Fund, John kept up with his expenses during the interim until he received his first paycheck. Bridging the gap between job funding is one way MRF helps military families avoid crippling financial disaster and the ripple effect of challenges that can come with it. We wish John the best of luck in his new job and future successes!