John Preston may be new to the music scene, but he’s no stranger to giving his all in front of a crowd. Born into a military family, Preston himself served four years in the Marines and is now funneling that patriotism into each and every day of his civilian life. His latest EP “Your War is Over” not only connects his music career with the military community, it directly benefits veterans like those in the song. A portion of proceeds from the single will be donated to the Boot Campaign in hopes that more and more heroes will be able to overcome the challenges they battle here at home.

When asked about his experiences, Preston can’t help but expound on his service, and most of all, the relationships built with his fellow Marines. “My proudest moments in life are shared with the marines I served alongside in combat,” he shares. “My service set the path for the rest of my life.” His military career includes missions in South Korea, Japan and Iraq where he served as a wireman and squad leader. Preston was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps achievement medal for his actions during Operation Iraqi Freedom II. Though his enlisted time was brief, his accomplishments were many and impacted countless lives.

Ten years post-service, Preston’s days still focus on the care and protection of his community, though he wears a different uniform. He now serves as a firefighter in Palo Alto, Calif., doing what he does best: keeping people safe in the face of danger. In whatever free time he has left, Preston uses his music career to bring attention to the struggles combat veterans endure, especially post traumatic stress (PTS). It’s an issue Preston is familiar with, having watched a dear friend and fellow Marine battle the condition for years. “I watched my best friend and former Marine Corps roommate torn apart by PTS. Having always looked up to him, I was unable to stop the spiral that he was in. I refuse to stand idle now will do all that I can to help as many veterans as possible. I wasn’t able to help my friend and don’t ever wish to feel that helpless again. It starts with “Your War is Over” and will continue for the rest of my life,” explains Preston.

With a budding music career in front of him, Preston sees even more opportunities to give back to veterans, and all Americans, in the years to come. He’s looking forward to more work with the Boot Campaign, emphasizing that coming together with other like-minded patriots is the key to positively impacting veterans across the country. “We are not on this mission alone. There is a coalition of veterans throughout the whole country that are stepping up to help one another. We are uniting on the home front and will see it through to a better tomorrow,” he continues, “I am so proud to be part of this and look forward to working alongside Boot Campaign.” Preston’s single “Your War is Over” is available on iTunes.

The Boot Campaign mission is to promote patriotism for America and our military community; raise awareness of the unique challenges service members face during and post-service; and provide assistance to military personnel, past and present, and their families. We’re proud to partner with John Preston to positively impact the lives of America’s heroes. To learn more, visit bootcampaign.com.