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Help for Better Health


Nine years into his Army career, while deployed to Iraq, Justin was injured by a remote-detonated IED. The blast caused several injuries: he lost part of his right foot, suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and sustained several other minor injuries. He was medically retired in 2008, and despite his challenges, has maintained steady, full-time employment. Life was going well for Justin until very recently; a few months ago, he began suffering from episodes of severe pressure headaches and tunnel vision. A visit to the neurologist resulted in an EEG and a plan to begin brain mapping. Hopefully these tests will determine the cause of his issues and successful treatment can be prescribed. Until then, the neurologist put Justin on indefinite medical leave, preventing him from working to support his family. Though his wife recently started working as a Realtor, it’s tough to make ends meet waiting for her commission to be paid – Justin’s VA benefits are their only source of income right now.

Government benefits are a great asset for veterans, but sometimes they’re just not enough to support a family. With a little help from Boot Campaign, Justin can cover his most important bills, get the health care he needs and get back to work when he’s well. We’re so thankful for his service and wish him all the best on his road to recovery.