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The Heartbeat of America


Do you feel your heartbeat?

Is it racing? From fear? From joy? From exertion? From pain? Is it steady and slow and rejuvenating your blood flow?

Twenty two years ago, a clear blue morning, the collective heartbeat of America stopped – in disbelief, in suffering, in silence from something stolen from us…an innocence as a nation never known.

But on September 12, the collective heartbeat of America started again in a common rhythm to show each other and the world that we are stronger, more resilient and maintain a resolve to never let such an act happen again. As Americans, we led with our hearts to respond, to react, to restart, to rally and to restore what was ripped from us on that marked day.

Since then, somewhere along the way, our heartbeat as a country has become irregular, out of rhythm, divided, disillusioned with what makes us who we are.

Let’s get back to basics, lead with our hearts to restore the fabric of the red, white and blue that flew the following September day proudly, in solidarity and in unity once more.