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Granger Smith in on the MOVE….. Again!


Country music artist and proud patriot Granger Smith is lacing up his BOOTS once again for the 4th Annual Boot Walk, May 4-8, 2014. Granger will begin the 100-mile walk in Austin, Texas and spend five days wearing out those combat boots as he walks to Fort Hood. And since it’s always nice to reward a good deed, join Granger and special guests at the celebration concert May 8 at Ft. Hood Harley-Davidson. Proceeds raised from the Walk and concert benefit the Boot Campaign, a national 501c3 non-profit dedicated to promoting patriotism, raising awareness, and providing assistance to military families.

In addition to partnering with rockstar patriots like Granger, the Boot Campaign utilizes funds from corporate sponsorships, merchandise sales (have you SEEN those BOOTS?!), and public donations. So lace-up, rock out, and GIVE BACK!

For more information on the 4th Annual Boot Walk visit http://bootwalk.com