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Faces of OUR Freedom: Jesse and Kelly Cottle


Faces of OUR Freedom: Do you know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words?”

I want to introduce you to Jesse and Kelly Cottle! Jesse, a Marine, lost his legs in an IED explosion in 2009. After month’s of recovery in hospitals, Jesse met Kelly at a swim meet in San Diego. It just so happened to be one of Jesse’s first times out on his new prosthetic legs. Long story short… they fell in love and got married last year.

Kelly is no stranger to giving her husband a lift. There are a few places that he can’t get…. like the pool or the beach. This particular photo was recently shot when the coupled returned to Boise for a family photo shoot. (see above photo) After the session was over — Kelly was giving Jesse a lift back to his prosthetic legs and the photographer asked if she could snap one more…. The photo below wasn’t planned but it’s gone VIRAL and the world has fallen in love with Jesse and Kelly. Love can carry you… through pain, rebuilding, moving on, growing, and so much more.


What are some of the words you think of when you see this couple?

Watch their FULL story here on ABC Newshttp://abcn.ws/1dQ825z

Photo credit: Sarah Ledford: ShutterHappy Photography