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Canaan Smith: Country Roots to Combat Boots


1Singer/songwriter Canaan Smith knows a few things about chasing the American dream, and part of that journey includes a nod to the heroes that keep us safe and free to dream. His new single “Love You Like That” hits the charts today, ready to take its place in the annals of country music, America’s storied patriotic soundtrack.

Like countless artists before him and who play alongside him now, Smith honors the thread of country music that’s been woven into our national fabric for generations. “The country music community is absolutely proud to be American. It’s what we sing about. And always will. Our roots. Our dreams. And what makes us strong,” he says. After more than two years on the road, Smith experienced firsthand the music world’s commitment to our troops, evident among both the performers and the fans. If there’s one segment of the population we can count on to support our military, it’s the country music federation, who show their appreciation year after year.

Not everyone is cut out to serve in the armed forces, but opportunities to show support for military servicemen and women are abundant and absolutely vital for the integrity of the union. Smith understands his role in the collaboration between soldier and civilian; country music has the ability to reach across oceans to bring a piece of home to the troops and provides a quiet hum of patriotism for stateside veterans. Explains Smith, “[Country music] gives them a connection to home; we tell stories they can relate to. And this format is proud of our soldiers. It should be our mission to make sure they know it.”

The fundamental role of our military and the high price of sacrifice aren’t lost on Smith. “Just today I was spending time with my father-in-law, sitting around the table and listening to some of his stories from Vietnam. I was amazed by his courage and sacrifice. I couldn’t help thinking, people like him are the real heroes, and we owe them everything. This country is built on their service. And I’m so thankful for every bit of it.” It’s a theme running through many, if not most, country songs, and it helps foster patriotic spirit and show gratitude for our troops.

The Boot Campaign is proud to partner with Canaan Smith to honor our nation’s military heroes. It’s because of their service and sacrifice that we can follow our dreams and do what we love, which makes giving back when they come back the least we can do. Download Smith’s brand new single “Love You Like That” today, and visit www.bootcampaign.com for info on how you can show your gratitude for those who serve.