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Boot Campaign Sponsors 9 Homes for Veterans in 2012


Boot Campaign’s mission of Assistance is housed within five distinct programs: Jobs, Housing, Family Support, Urgent Assistance and Wellness. These programs are funded through the sale of Boot Campaign signature combat boots and apparel, direct donations and corporate sponsorships.

Boot Campaign Housing Program: Everyone needs a place they can call home.  Poverty and homelessness are issues wreaking havoc on our nation’s growing veteran population. Boot Campaign aims to provide support for these issues from homelessness to home displacement.  Our Housing/Shelter Program works directly with one of the leading veterans homeless shelters to provide temporary living for veterans who have found no other place to turn but the streets.  This program uses resources from the banking industry coupled with charitable funds to provide mortgage-free homes to veterans to keep them from ever turning to the streets.  Our housing/shelter program also assists with life-skills training to assure a successful placement is achieved.

In 2012, Boot Campaign was honored to be the sponsor of 9 homes for wounded veterans. Boot Campaign partners with Military Warriors Support Foundation, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Hart Energy, Benchmark Mortgage, Papillon Helicopters and Grand Canyon Airlines to facilitate and fund our housing program.

Please click the image below to read more about the Boot Campaign’s Home Presentations in 2012.