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Boot Brawl Participants Announced for Teams Luttrell and Couture


Boot Brawl Participants Announced for Teams Luttrell and Couture

Boot Brawl October 9, 2014 in Las Vegas benefiting the nonprofit, Boot Campaign, is a pushup challenge in support of U.S. Military Veterans

Las Vegas, NV (October 7, 2014) – Marcus Luttrell (Ret. US Navy SEAL, Author Lone Survivor) and Randy Couture (MMA Hall of Famer, Actor) announce their teams for the upcoming Boot Brawl. Boot Brawl is a 10-round heavy weight pushup challenge between #TeamCouture and #TeamLuttrell on Thursday, October 9, 2014 at Xtreme Couture 4055 W Sunset Rd Las Vegas, NV 89118.


Marcus Luttrell (Retired U.S. Navy SEAL, NY Times #1 Best-Selling Author of Lone Survivor)

Willie Robertson (Duck Commander)

Derek Sholl (Country Music Artist)

Paul Craig (Retired Navy EOD)

Andy McGee (Friend)

Renea Perez (Personal Trainer, family)

George Perez (family)

David Goggins (Guiness Book of World Records for Pull Ups)

Matt Hughes (MMA Fighter)

Chad Fleming (Retired U.S. Army)

Pete Scobell (Retired SEAL)

Rob O’Neil (Retired SEAL)

Mike Sauers (Retired SEAL, owner Forged Clothing, in Lone Survivor movie)

Ray Mendoza (Frogmen Inc)

Mark Semos (Frogmen Inc)

Scott Fox (Frogmen Inc)

Eric Sardina (Low T Center)


Randy Couture (6 time World Champion, MMA Hall of Famer, best-selling author, actor and former U.S. Army)

Big John McCarthy (First head referee for UFC, retired LAPD)

Mike Austin (Country Music Artist)

Gray Maynard (UFC Fighter)

Eric Nicksick (XCMMA Manager, Instructor)

TJ Millard (U.S. Army Pilot)

Ryan Couture (Randy’s son, MMA Fighter, Instructor)

Dennis Davis (Retired MMA Fighter, Instructor)

Jay Hieron (Retired MMA Fighter, Actor)

Kyle Griffin (MMA Fighter)

Justin Jaynes (MMA Fighter, Instructor)

John Alessio (MMA Fighter)

Gil Guardado (MMA Fighter, Instructor)

Gavin McDoniel (Firefighter)

Carlos Lueck (Firefighter)

Tim Crowe (Friend)

Nik Glavan (Firefighter)

Richard Myers (Firefighter)

Mike Sisk (Low T Center)

Celebrity friends including Hall of Fame Boxing Referee Joe Cortez, television hosts Leeann Tweeden and Rossi Morreale, are also joining Boot Brawl. Tweeden and Morreale will host a webcast to air online immediately following the live event. Former Voice contestant Mike Austin will perform the National Anthem with Color Guard.

The pushup challenge between Team Couture and Team Luttrell is part of the Veterans Operation Wellness (VOW) Challenge Day presented by Spike TV. VOW is a new Spike campaign created to inspire veterans to make the same commitment to their health and wellness that they made to their country. Boot Campaign is a charity selected to participate in VOW Challenge Day, and created Boot Brawl as its way of promoting veteran’s fitness.

The Low T Center is a proud sponsor of Boot Brawl, and is excited to be involved in an event that is encouraging men to live healthy, active lifestyles.

Visit the website http://BootBrawl.com or watch how you can you can join Boot Brawl today: http://youtu.be/60fvGkNR1C4