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Back on Track


The weather outside is frightful. Especially when you’re living without heat or running water. The C. Family had already endured more than their share of challenges, and were facing a very cold winter if something didn’t happen quickly. Five years ago, Michele was battling cancer when she and Jerry, medically retired from the Navy, discovered they were expecting a baby. What should have been a happy time was shadowed in sadness when their little one was diagnosed with thrombocytopenia and absent radius syndrome (TAR) and likely wouldn’t survive the pregnancy. But miracles do happen, and little Shawn is now five years old! After years of struggle, their finances had taken a beating and their home was rapidly becoming unsafe for Shawn.

Boot Campaign’s Military Recovery Fund provides financial assistance to military families when they need it most. The C. Family received a grant that brought their utility bills current and warmed more than their home this winter.