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Amy Cotta. Forever Our IRONMAN!


Amy Cotta has been doing marathons, triathlons, IRONMAN’s and more in her Boot Campaign BOOTS for ages! In fact, she recently retired her first pair of BC Boots after 3 years and 1,000’s of miles! I have personally been inspired by Amy and her fight for as long as I’ve been aware of what she’s doing! She is a true PATRIOT who goes out of her way to honor those that we have lost to war. I can speak for all of us at Boot Campaign by saying we are HONORED to know her!

A few days ago I sent a message to Amy asking her to let me know how the Chattanooga IRONMAN went. This is her response 🙂


“After not being able to finish the swim at the Arizona IRONMAN….  I worked really hard on my swimming and was able to finish the 2.5 mile swim in 1:13:00! The bike course was 116 miles not the normal 112 miles. I felt strong and had a great first 8 miles but began suffering by the half marathon mark. I made ALL but the last run cut off. I missed it by a couple of minutes. I kept going and finished my mileage. So, I’m unofficially an ironman!

The race organizers gave me a finishers medal for one of the men on my pack. I’m mailing it to his mother this week. She told me he always wanted to do an IRONMAN but never got the chance.

Although we didn’t get to go to the finishers shoot…. me and the guys on my pack did it! We did 140.6 miles together! The support on the course for us was beyond words amazing. I/we are in the highlight reel from the race! I’m already looking forward to doing another IRONMAN and will be doing an Ultra Marathon on Nov 1st.

Thank you to everyone who supported and helped me along this journey — It’s amazing to think just a few short years ago I couldn’t swim across a 25 yard pool and yesterday I busted out a 1:13:00 – 2.4 mile swim and finished 140.6 miles with my heroes! Next time we WILL finish this extended course…. under time! IRONMAN we will see each other again soon! It was a great weekend!” – Amy Cotta


Here is the video from the IRONMAN Chattanooga! You can see Amy at 3:47 and then again 10:22 in the video.