LEXINGTON, Ky – Historically, the game of golf has been referenced as a good walk spoiled by countless writers. On Friday, August 17th Family Financial Foundation will be hosting A Good Walk Spoiled Charity Golf Scramble & Party sponsored by Benchmark Mortgage.

In life, a family can often have their best laid plans changed by an unforeseen event. Whether a vehicle repair, a medical bill, a job loss, a death… as life happens, the best laid plans of a family often must change.

No matter which side of the political fence you fall, it is agreeable that our troops deserve our support. The Boot Campaign is a unique way to show that support. Family Financial Foundation has been inspired by the story that the Boot Girls have shared. With helicopters flying high and boots on our feet, we salute our troops with hopes to share the campaign with our fellow Kentuckians.

The Boot Campaign is a 501c3 non-profit military appreciation and veteran awareness campaign based in Texas. Launched in 2009 by a group of women known as The Boot Girls, the Boot Campaign’s mission is to express gratitude to the troops, spread awareness of the needs of military personnel and support their transition home. Through the sale of signature military combat boots, the Boot Campaign donates proceeds to a group of partner charities that work directly with military personnel, past and present, healing from a variety of physical and emotional combat wounds, embodying the campaign motto that, “When They Come Back, We Give Back”.

What do you know about Kentucky Appalachia? Did you know that seven counties in Eastern Kentucky are part of the U.S. Census Bureau’s list of the 50 poorest counties in the country? Christian Appalachian Project’s President, Guy Adams, will be present as the CAP Team Captain ready to share ways to help lift the region out of poverty.

Lastly, Lex-Care is a local Lexington charity that focuses on families who are in need of temporary assistance. This organization has been helping families in our very own backyard for 25 years. By participating in A Good Walk Spoiled, you may be helping your very own neighbor.

Please plan to attend A Good Walk Spoiled on Friday, August 17th to raise funds for these wonderful charities and have an amazing time doing it!

If you would like more information regarding A Good Walk Spoiled please contact President, David Smyth or Fundraising Chair, Lindsey Hickerson at 859.219.1006