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Unimex Goes The Extra “Dollar” to Give Back


Last October one of our boot suppliers contacted us stating they wanted to start a give back program in support of Lace Up America; an initiative we launch every November, focusing on Veterans Day as the reason we lace up. I’m very partial to all our boot suppliers because all do creative things to help us accomplish a very big mission in seeking to get boots on every American in honor and support of our military community. It’s no easy task as that’s a lot of feet and preferences to consider! But when a supplier “gets you” and actively supports the efforts in addressing Health and Wellness among our veterans, it becomes more than just a vendor relationship, they are partners with us in accomplishing our critical mission.

Our friends at Unimex Corporation decided to do a give back promotion that extended far past our month-long #LaceUpAmerica initiative. Their promotion lasted for a six-month period in which they committed to donating $1 for every pair of Maelstrom brand Tac Force boot series sold company-wide. All told they exceeded their goal with more than $14,000 raised to support our mission. When asked what prompted them to do this Weiwei Jian, President of Unimex Corporation replied:

As a company, Unimex is not just focused on profit: we strive to give back and support the type of customers we serve. Although there are many worthy organizations that endeavor to help the military veteran community, for our charity contribution we’ve chosen to support Boot Campaign because we know we are contributing to a holistic, personalized recovery plan that will have lasting effects on veterans in need and their families. One focus is their revolutionary Health and Wellness program that provides access and funding for veterans to get individualized, comprehensive treatment to successfully navigate life with their invisible war wounds.

We know that every dollar raised from the sale of our partnered boots will expand the reach of  Boot Campaign’s mission to help those who once defended our nation and are now struggling. We want to help this community who has done so much for others, so partnering with Boot Campaign seemed like a perfect fit.

We are grateful and humbled by the generosity of Unimex to forge a relationship with us which is about more than selling a product.  It’s about embracing a mission to care and support health and wellness among our veteran community, one pair of boots at a time.