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Steven Foster’s 15,000 Mile Journey to Support Boot Campaign!


image00115,000 miles is a long way. You could fly from Dallas or LA or New York to Africa and back with that kind of mileage. Steven Foster never left the US when he clocked that many miles riding the perimeter of the contiguous United States. That’s a whole lotta tread to lay down, no doubt. Just him, on a safari adventure on the open road, contending with the normal fare, rain, wind, heat and bugs hitting him every mile of fifteen thousand miles. His only protection being a helmet and not the convenience of a windshield, or wipers for that matter. But the most important thing he wore was combat boots!

Steven embarked on this journey to interview average Americans on their view of what makes a good leader. To his surprise this journey did more humbling and encouraging for him personally than he dreamed or imagined. At every stop he was greeted by people who served him, told their stories of serving their country in war time ranging from the Korean War to present day. Every one of them had the same attitude when asked about their service: it was an honor to serve their country. You can read about all the different people he met on his journey by visiting his blog: http://foster-fathom.com/blog/

And you can watch is follow-up interview with the news anchors at The Texas Daily at:


During his trip, Steven set up a fundraising page to benefit the Boot Campaign with a financial goal in mind. Perhaps you will be part of helping him finish his story! Sometimes leadership means giving of yourself to someone you don’t even know!  People all along the way did that for Steven on his journey, and you can do the same to help Steven reach his goal of raising $5,000 to benefit the Boot Campaign and help lead the charge!  Click here:  http://www.crowdrise.com/full-throttleleadershipride/fundraiser/StevenGFoster