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Salute the troops: SOA and Boot Campaign!


As many of you know we have a great relationship with FX and Sons of Anarchy. We couldn’t be prouder of all the wonderful things that we have been able to accomplish for our military — together! Last month FX and SOA threw a Military Appreciation BBQ in Southern California for over 100 military heroes and their families!

In conjunction with the BBQ – FX was also filming a “FX: Salute the Troops Military Appreciation” PSA to be seen on FX.com. Below is the first of three videos produced for this great event and network.

HUGE THANKS to our friends at Sons of Anarchy and FX for hosting this military appreciation BBQ in SoCal. We had a GREAT day and can’t THANK everyone enough for all the hard work that went into making sure this was a huge success for Boot Campaign, SOA, and FX!