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Pale Horse Coffee for A Cause


Pale Horse Coffee began operating online in September 2018 and opened their first brick and mortar coffee shop and roastery in September of 2019. Pale Horse Coffee is a Veteran owned and operated small business with a passion for great coffee. Between their four partners, Pale Horse has over 90 years of combined service to our country in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. “During our careers and deployments, the things that always kept us pushing forward was love of country, family and lots of caffeine!” said Pale Horse co-owner, Don Wingard. 

Pale Horse Coffee has four partners – Don Wingard, originally from Texas, retired from the Navy after 30 years; Gray Livingston, originally from Michigan, retired from the Air Force after 21 years; Chris Walton, originally from Pennsylvania, retired from the Army after 22 years; and Michael Vecchione, originally from New Jersey, retired from the Coast Guard after 20 years. Wingard didn’t specifically intend to form a coffee roasting company with only veterans but said, “it generally is, when you’re dealing with other veterans, there is a sort of instant connection,” said Walton. “We all speak each other’s language,” he continued. 

One foundation on which the company is built is the idea of giving back. Pale Horse achieves this through partnerships with nonprofits that focus on military and first responders. “Boot Campaign truly epitomizes the values and mission Pale Horse was seeking and naturally, we teamed up,” says founder Don Wingard. “Boot Campaign is relentless in their mission to help veterans and their families so we wanted to match them with a coffee that is great any time of the day.” 

“Pale Horse Coffee hopes to share our passion for coffee and great causes with you and your loved ones,” says Gray Livingston. “We roast our craft coffees in small batches and offer them as single origin, custom blends, and gourmet flavored coffees. Our coffee is “aromatic, rich, and smooth; a multi-sensory experience in every single cup.”

Working with great charities like Boot Campaign is our way of giving back to our brothers and sisters who wore and currently wear our country’s uniform. By purchasing a bag of Boot Campaign coffee, so can you.

Get your Boot Campaign coffee for a cause now!