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Ole Smoky Distills Appreciation for Military Families


Ole Smoky Distillery has been a valued Boot Campaign corporate partner since 2015. The famed distillery supports fundraising events, has participated in Boot Shoots, sold co-branded apparel and contributed some of the proceeds for jars purchased at its national grocery store accounts.

Based in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Ole Smoky resides in a place with a long and proud military history. Because of the prominent role and reported valor displayed by volunteer soldiers under Gen. Andrew Jackson during the War of 1812, Tennessee was nicknamed The Volunteer State. To this day, Tennessee is proud of their men and women who serve the nation.

“With a huge number of our team and families having come from military backgrounds, this organization (Boot Campaign) hits close to home,” said Meg Bruno, Vice President of Marketing at Ole Smoky. “We have great pride for our country, and recognize the men and women who sacrifice so much so we can enjoy our freedom.”

Steeped in this history, the Ole Smoky team truly has an appreciation for igniting the inner patriot in all Americans and is home to many veterans on staff.

“We love how many of [Boot Campaign’s] programs focus on building community, which is something we value,” said Bruno. “Working with the Boot Campaign has meant a lot to our team at Ole Smoky. They have been a great partner in our efforts to give back to those who have served this country. We are proud to work with the Boot Campaign and look forward to continue supporting our veterans.”

“We are grateful to our partners at Ole Smoky Distillery for being such a steadfast partner in giving back to those who have served,” said Shelly Kirkland, Boot Campaign CEO. “Our relationship is based on a serious mission, but we have had a lot of fun along the way.”