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MacTruck Gives Back


July 14 is National Mac & Cheese Day and we’re celebrating with our partners at MacTruck! 

CEO Lee Pedone and Founder Chef Dom Tesoriero laced up their Boot Campaign boots to support those who served in our nation’s Armed Forces. 

Pedone shared, “We admire the men and women in uniform who lay their lives on the line to protect us and our freedoms. For the sacrifices they make day in and day out, we are eternally grateful.”

He continued, “When we heard about the mission of Boot Campaign, to provide life-improving programs for veterans and their families when they return home, I knew we needed to be a part of it.”

After meeting at the International Culinary Center, the native Texan Pedone and Staten Island resident Tesoriero became fast friends determined to build a business with a greater purpose, a purpose of giving back to those who serve. 

Pedone and Tesorieros’ commitment to serve those who serve was evident when COVID-19 spread quickly in New York. Tesorieros loaded up the truck and headed straight to the frontlines of the pandemic New York City hospitals offering meals to hungry healthcare workers. 

“Being able to support some of our nation’s heroes with hot meals and encouraging words was my small way to give back,” said Tesoriero.

“We are thrilled we can provide a comforting and cheesy product, all while helping those in uniform,” Pedone said.  

With four food trucks one based in Manhattan and the other in DFW one of the 2020 goals for the mac and cheese was offering doorstep delivery. They made it happen and now you too can get your hands on this food truck original and give back to veterans and military families. Purchase MacTruck’s Mac & Cheese and use code BOOTCAMPAIGN at checkout — $1 of every order supports our programs.