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Co-Founder Heather Sholl Gets Creative with 31-Day Fitness Challenge


In honor of Military Appreciation Month, Boot Campaign Co-Founder Heather Sholl developed a fun and creative way to show gratitude and raise support for the veterans and military families we serve. 

Owner of a wellness studio with the energy, passion for fitness and service like no other, Heather was already planning to run 31 miles as part of our 31-Day Fitness Challenge before she came up with an idea to take her efforts a step further. She launched a Facebook Fundraiser among her friends and clients that welcomed in any sort of exercise at 31 reps in exchange for $31 donated to Boot Campaign. 

Needless to say, her network jumped at the opportunity to have their favorite fitness fanatic tackle the physical challenges she puts them through. From swimming 31 laps in a pool, 31 burpees to 31 fake falls, Heather has been documenting the challenges as she completes them and, so far, hasn’t regretted the concept yet. 

“Raising and donating money should be fun. One of my favorite things about building Boot Campaign and working with veterans was finding the right people and the right ways to bring attention to an important cause without making people feel guilt or shame,” Heather said. “If I can fake fall my way into wellness for veterans, COUNT ME IN!”