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Why I Move for Them This Military Appreciation Month


Just over a decade ago I didn’t understand or know how to express my gratitude for those who serve beyond a simple, “Thank you for your service.” When I saw someone in uniform at the airport, or at the grocery store or whenever God placed them in my path, I would hesitantly utter those five words, not confident that they would be well received from a complete stranger. Sometimes they were met with a simple nod, a smile or a “thank you, ma’am.” Truth is it seemed so small to say thank you, insufficient even.

May 1st began Military Appreciation Month which spans the 31 days of May as a reminder to Americans to celebrate, appreciate and honor all who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. It ends with one of the most meaningful days in the calendar year, Memorial Day.

This Military Appreciation Month, I’m going to move for them — those who serve(d) and those who gave their life — to express my gratitude.

For each day in May – all 31 of them – I am committed to deepening my yoga practice, practicing for one hour every day in May — what some would say is simple commitment yet my intention each day will be to live a life worthy of those who serve(d) and sacrificed for me.

At Boot Campaign, we’ve made it easy for you to take part – to move or show gratitude in whatever way suits you. Our collective efforts will fuel the individualized treatment of veterans fighting a war within from brain injury, post traumatic stress, chronic pain, self medication and insomnia. Will you join me?

Sign up here ——> bootcampaign.org/militaryappreciation