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Celebrating the Legacy of Black Rifle Coffee Company


A dear Navy SEAL friend of mine once said, “You can leave a legacy with a name on a building, on a stadium, on a door or with some invention. Or you can leave a legacy with someone and their story and how they love their wives and children better because of you or how they’ve walked through doors they never thought they could walk through because of you….that’s a powerful legacy.”

Today, I had the fortunate honor to be part of a huge milestone for Black Rifle Coffee Company. What marks many’s definition of success — becoming a publicly traded company — is certainly something to be celebrated. But what, to me, is the most important is the legacy that Black Rifle Coffee Company is creating.

They are hiring veterans, with an initial goal of 10,000. They are staying true to their roots of service, giving back in meaningful ways to nonprofits, including Boot Campaign. But most importantly, they are investing in people, transforming the lives of those who raised their right hand and volunteered to protect and defend our freedoms. 

As BRCC co-founder and Boot Campaign board member Mat Best said today, “Though we marked the official end to the war on terror this year, there are consequences from war. We must continue our service and pay it forward to help those men and women we served alongside.”

To the BRCC team — you’ve already made your mark in the lives and legacies of veterans who have received life-saving treatment at Boot Campaign because of you. Veterans who sought help because of your candor about the struggles of hidden wounds of war.

Thank you Black Rifle Coffee Company for trusting Boot Campaign to help carry your legacy in the days, weeks, months and years to come as we restore the lives of veterans and military families through individualized programs. Let’s keep making an epic impact and creating a lasting legacy — together.