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Bushland Elementary Students Celebrate Patriot League


Students at Bushland Elementary in Amarillo, Texas received a special treat as part of their Patriot League celebration February 18 when Boot Campaign Hero Ambassador Marcus Burleson stopped by to congratulate the kids on their efforts to deepen their love for our country. Bushland students and community members helped send holiday care packages to deployed service members and were rewarded with an inspirational visit from Burleson. One Bushland campus leader shared her thoughts, which perfectly capture the heart and soul of Patriot League:

I can’t tell you how many times my kids have mentioned Marcus since his visit. They are very curious as to what his normal day looks like and where all he gets to travel! I’ve even had a few comment that since his visit, the Pledge of Allegiance is more meaningful now. They definitely have a new sense of pride and respect. I’ve even had several parents express their gratitude for allowing their child to meet Marcus and bring awareness to these men and women who sacrifice their lives for our great country.  We plan on writing him letters after Spring Break just to make sure he doesn’t forget about us. 🙂 

Thank you to Boot Campaign for fostering a sense of pride, respect, and gratitude in my students at an early age.  By joining Patriot League, students learn to be proud of one’s country and support those who sacrifice so much to keep it great.  It also allowed my students the priceless opportunity to meet Marcus Burleson, a war hero, who continues to devote his life to our country’s freedom.  As an educator, I believe these to be important life lessons that encourage children to become positive leaders in their community and successful adults later in life.

Congratulations and thank you to the students, faculty, and staff at Bushland Elementary!