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Best Wrap-Job EVER!


Last year for Christmas, the most quizzical gift under our tree was an oddly shaped “box” that took two people to move. Not because it was heavy but because we had pieced together multiple boxes in order to wrap a gift that wouldn’t be obvious and it was awkwardly quizzical.  Neighbors and friends alike would come over and study the box, wondering what it could possibly be. It was so fun watching people imagine, cavort and try to bribe us into telling revealing what was in that box. In the end the box was far more entertaining than the video chair inside. The chair has been well-used, no doubt, but the packaging of that gift has gone down in the annals of our Christmas history as the most deliberate wrapping, packaging project of all-time.

Today I reflect on another kind of “packaging,” one that has taken two years to develop, and prepare for friends and supporters of the Boot Campaign. More importantly it is a gift which will be covered in a form of glitter and bows that will have many, well-deserving recipients for years to come. Best of all, each recipient will be a child and their family, whose life have been altered by their parents passion to serve this great nation and either lost their life while defending her or came home injured in the process. The gift is called BratPack 11, a new program of the Boot Campaign which came to us by way of an amazing little gift known as Kenzie Hall. As a young girl, her love for military brats set her on a mission to do something greater than herself. She was persistent and we LOVED it. Her ideas were clever and creative which made this project one of our favorites to develop. She can dream big and she let us take her idea and turn it into a reality!

Now on the cusp of granting our first wish to a child, I have visions in my head of wrapping a gift that can’t be wrapped. It occurred to me that the wrapping is done and it will go down in the annals of time as the most deliberate packaging project we’ve encountered. For each gift to a future child and their family comes through the donations of others “wrapped in a hug” with many arms! Your arms, my arms, the arms of Kenzie, her family and many others who have already contributed to ensure these children smile and laugh again.

It’s now time for some unwrapping and we can’t wait to show you pictures!

Merry Christmas from all of us at the Boot Campaign!

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