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Behind the scenes: Max Martini gets his boots on!


Pacific Rim’s Max Martini is All About Giving Back! Check out this behind the scenes footage of Max Martini getting his BOOTS on to show his support and gratitude for the men and women of our military!

As you already know….. Max Martini is no stranger to a pair of combat BOOTS. He wore his first pair on screen as Cpl. Fred Henderson in the blockbuster movie, Saving Private Ryan. He’s probably most recognizable with his on screen pair of BOOTS in the popular TV show, The Unit, as Master Sergeant Mack Gerhardt. Later on this year, we’ll again be seeing him in this patriotic foot gear on the big screen alongside Tom Hanks in the movie Captain Phillips, portraying a SEAL commander. I figured that for Max, asking him to lace up a pair of the Boot Campaign combat BOOTS, would just be another day in the life. Boy was I wrong.

He told me, “What the Boot Campaign is doing for our soldiers is an incredible service and I encourage people to get involved and support [Boot Campaign]. I’m doing something extra to continue to show support. To me, that’s more meaningful than putting on my character’s boots.” – Max Martini

America, Get YOUR Boots on! When THEY Come Back, We GIVE Back!