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Military Appreciation Month Activities This May


The countdown is ON for Military Appreciation Month! Each May we are all in to rally Americans behind showing gratitude to those who serve(d) our country and we want YOU to join us!

As you read this, there are thousands of troops stationed around the world prepared to launch into action at a moment’s notice. Similarly, there are countless veterans across the country – even within your community – who carry their memory of service and the sacrifices made with them every day. 

We, as Americans, owe our freedoms to these men and women who stepped up to represent our nation, and can do more to show them our appreciation. That’s why during the month of May we want to see and hear patriots across the country express their thanks, and we have some simple and easy ways to help you get started! 


Take time to run, walk, ruck, bike, swim or practice mindfulness in honor of our military during the 31 days in May. 


From a bake sale to a bingo night, we can help you with resources for a creative fundraiser in your community during the month of May. 


Feeling pressed for time? With a $5 donation, we will send either an email or postcard to a veteran you know to let them know that a grateful American appreciates their sacrifice and service. 


By wearing our boots and, most importantly, sharing why you wear them, you can spread appreciation and awareness like wildfire within your community. 


We’re delivering specially-curated gifts to veteran and military families who have experienced unexpected financial or medical challenges. Essentials purchased via our Online Store during Military Appreciation Month will be personally delivered to those families who need it most. Our goal is to alleviate financial and emotional stress caused by these unexpected events.   

To get started on these ideas or building your own for Military Appreciation Month, visit our page at bootcampaign.org/militaryappreciation