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Early last year, as our team was considering what the next decade should look like for Boot Campaign, the one word that kept resurfacing again and again was “fierce.”

Fierce has many different definitions and associations, but the meaning that we latched onto was “a heartfelt and passionate intensity.” This quickly became the mindset that the Boot Campaign team rallied around for 2020.

The intention we set in January, however, took on a whole new significance by March. If anything, a fierce mentality was even more crucial, as our nation — and world — began grappling with the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic.

It took unprecedented strength and power to come together, stand united and relentlessly pursue our essential initiatives, despite a year filled with fear and uncertainty. Our team, supporters and partners came through tenfold, facing adversity with boldness and allowing us to remain committed to our mission — to lace up and unite Americans in honoring and restoring the lives of veterans and military families.

As we fiercely march forward, we continue to combat another pandemic affecting the veterans we exist to serve: suicide. Getting veterans the care they need and deserve in a timely, compassionate and individualized manner helps save lives — because suicide should not seem like the only option.

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