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2019 Health & Wellness Impact Report


Boot Campaign’s Health & Wellness Program addresses the reality that veterans who suffer from untreated invisible wounds of war simply cannot move forward in other areas of life easily. 

Research backs this statement, and it is well documented that until veterans have these types of health problems addressed they are unlikely to reach their highest potential for success. In 2019, Boot Campaign supported more military families than ever before with comprehensive, customized care. 

Veterans like Tim who shared, “I spent years telling myself I was “ok” and that my deployments did not affect me. I finally realized my lack of effort to improve myself was creating hardships for those closest to me. My marriage, my relationships with my family and even my attitude at work were all in need of attention. I had not yet hit rock bottom, but it was fast approaching. It wasn’t until I really began the program and put the hard work in, that I realized I could be better. Boot Campaign’s life-improving programs are the real deal, but it is my responsibility to continue to use the tools I have been given and taught along the way.

And his wife Tammy who told us, “I don’t have the words to say what truly needs to be said, to both my husband and this organization. Boot Campaign is an amazing program to help veterans heal from wounds the rest of us can not see. With the help of this program, veterans learn it’s ok to not be ok and to receive the help they deserve, have earned and to heal. It has not been an easy road for Tim or our family, but with the help of this organization and its very individualized and specific healing process, we are steadily marching forward- one boot clad foot at a time!”

Boot Campaign’s Health and Wellness program aims to restore lives, one veteran, one military family at a time. Its existence fills a much needed gap in care for veterans and transitioning military members and is paramount given some pretty shocking statistics. For example, of the more than 250,000 veterans that will separate or retire from military service this year, it is estimated:

  • One in three will develop PTSD;
  • One in five will suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI); and
  • One in ten will experience a substance use disorder

What’s more, treatment costs are 7X higher for veterans with complex diagnoses such as PTSD and TBI than those who suffer from physical wounds alone, and due to a myriad of factors, it is estimated that less than 50% of veterans who experience these types of invisible wounds receive care. 

In 2019, we started more than 120 military families on the road to health and wellness, and our reach extended not only to 33 states in the nation, but also to an active duty family currently stationed overseas. Our candidates represented every branch of the military, and were a part of operations from the Vietnam War through today’s present conflicts.

Our team is proud of the partners who worked diligently alongside us to best serve those who sacrificed for us all. There is still more to do. In 2020, we will continue to shatter the stigma surrounding mental health and brain health care in the military community and provide no-cost, customized treatment to military families. And with your help, we will continue to provide the most comprehensive and evidence-based pipeline of care for veterans struggling to overcome invisible wounds of war.

It is our hope that more military families are reunited like John and Michelle who said, “We really cannot thank y’all enough for everything that you have done for our family. There are honestly no words that could express to you the graciousness in our hearts. Thank you for being willing to help John and our family. We now found a renewed sense of hope because of everything that the Boot Campaign has done for us.”

Above all, we strive to catapult success for the men and women who laced up their boots and were ready to walk into hostility to protect our freedoms. Our founders, our board of directors, our donors, our supporters and our staff aim for long-term, real-life benefit for these selfless servants who sacrificed for us all. Will you join us in standing by the thousands of brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, family members and friends who raised their right hand to defend the Constitution? They are the best of us.