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YOU MATTER – Recent Veteran Suicides

September 20, 2022

The just released 2022 National Veteran Suicide Annual report showed, from 2001 to 2020, the suicide rate among veterans: Increased by 95.3%, for those between…

Veteran, Founder of Brass & Unity Kelsi Sheren Talks YOU MATTER

September 3, 2022

The stars aligned when our team first came into contact with Kelsi Sheren, Canadian veteran and founder of the jewelry company Brass & Unity. As…

Proactive Ways to Show YOU MATTER

September 1, 2022

We can all do more to show those around us – especially those within the veteran community who selflessly served us first – these two…

What YOU MATTER Means to You and Your Community

August 29, 2022

What does YOU MATTER mean to you? It’s a message Americans, especially the veteran community we serve, need to hear loud and clear. Our goal…

Veteran Suicide Numbers Spark Conversation on Importance and Immediacy of Mental Health Needs

August 29, 2022

A chart posted by The Data Boys (IG: @thedataboys) recently made waves across social media as it compares the number of U.S. military deaths from…