Nina Miller

The family owners behind Garrison Brothers Whiskey Distillery in red YOU MATTER tees.

Family-Owned Garrison Brothers Shares why Supporting Nation’s Veterans is Important

September 28, 2023

Family comes first is a value many of us as Americans take to heart. In the military, fellow servicemembers become brothers and sisters, and their…

Why Civilians Patrick & Whitney Floyd Lace Up, Share YOU MATTER

September 20, 2023

Civilians Patrick and Whitney Floyd of West Texas are all in when it comes to supporting the men and women who selflessly serve(d) our country….

My Conversation with U.S Navy Veteran on Military, Patriotism and YOU MATTER

September 13, 2023

More than a decade ago, I met Clint Bruce; if you know Clint, you know he is a connector, one who wants nothing more than…

The Heartbeat of America

September 12, 2023

Do you feel your heartbeat? Is it racing? From fear? From joy? From exertion? From pain? Is it steady and slow and rejuvenating your blood…

USMC Veteran Greg Simas stands between Boot Campaign leaders Lindsey Lott and Shelly Kirkland at the PBR Lewisville event in 2022.

Veteran, PBR Announcer on His Service, YOU MATTER

September 7, 2023

One of rodeo’s most experienced announcers Greg Simas surprisingly didn’t start off in the spotlight, or on horseback. A native of California, Simas grew up…